Friday, January 3, 2014

Mission Overview

NASA-JPL’s Mars ROVER Curiosity (MSL) has discovered a rock specimen of interest on Mars. Pine Grove Laboratories has been commissioned by NASA to design, construct and deploy 8 ROVERS that will land on the Martian surface, navigate to the area of interest and collect a variety of data on the rock specimen. Once deployed, the only interaction between the ROVER and Mission Control will be data sent back via live feeds from on-board cameras and instruments. Landing is scheduled for January 31, 2014!

Design Challenge #1 in (Science Groups of 4)

Problem Statement: ROVER must be gently deposited on to surface of Mars.

Design Statement: Design a self-contained Landing Apparatus that can gently deposit ROVER on Mars.

  • Design must address:
    • Air Resistance
    • Terminal Velocity
    • Force of Impact
    • "Drive-off" (LAS)
  • Materials are limited to:

Research / Brainstorm:
  • Complete Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) sequence SILENTLY ALONE!
  • Describe EDL sequence you developed with your science group.
  • Combine the best elements of each of your brainstorm into a group EDL sequence on colored sheet.
A to A8
B to A7
C to A5
D to A6

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