Friday, January 4, 2013

Mission Overview

NASA-JPL’s Mars ROVER Curiosity (MSL) has discovered a rock specimen of interest on Mars. Pine Grove Laboratories has been commissioned by NASA to design, construct and deploy 8 ROVERS that will land on the Martian surface, navigate to the area of interest and collect data regarding the rock specimen. Once deployed, the only interaction between the ROVER and Mission Control will be data sent back via live feeds from on-board cameras and instruments. Landing is scheduled for late February 2015.

Landing Site

Mission Details

PGL Objectives
  1. ROVER/Vehicle  must safely inside landing ellipse reducing terminal velocity and minimizing impact forces.
  2. ROVER must safely exit and clear landing apparatus.This may be achieved by driving off of, out of or out from underneath landing apparatus. 
  3. ROVER must orient and drive North to intercept NASA-MSL Curiosity's GPS track.
  4. ROVER must follow NASA-MSL Curiosity's GPS track to the target specimen.
  5. Once rover reaches target specimen, a probe must be deployed to measure the temperature of the rock.

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